This asset is dedicated to my lovely sister who passed away from lung cancer last year. She had incredibly supported me in everything since the beginning of my career. I was able to become an animator today because she bought me my first computer.  Now it's my turn to give some support to someone who aspired to become an animator. I am determined to share these rigs with animators around the world to help them to have some great tools to learn and practice with. This was my sister's intention when she was still alive too. 

NC-11 comes from my sister's first name and her birthday.

Term of USE: It's Free for learning, practice, demo-reel, personal work, etc.
Animation Instructor: Feel free to use these rigs.
Animation School: Please contact me.
You can't re-publish, sell, and do any commercials.

Myself as The Creator: ARTHURNAL (Chalermphol Wat)

The Rigger: Nantiphat Phae-ngam

The Modeler: Piyapong Yusi